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Wildlife Tours

Discover Australia’s unique Wildlife

See wildlife in the wild on our authentic and personal small group wildlife tours. Our naturalist guides will take you behind the scenes to deliver you a truly incredible and intimate native Australian wildlife experience.

Watch turtles come to shore to nest and contribute to a long-term monitoring program, participate in hands-on wildlife research, discover remarkable bird life with local experts, collect data about the endangered bandicoot on a spotlight tour, help monitor the progress of the local population of wild Tasmanian Devils – and much more.

Our interactive wildlife experiences offer you an opportunity to discover, connect and contribute. Every eco tour contributes to local wildlife conservation projects.

Discover some of our top wildlife experiences

Sea Turtles at Eco Beach, Broome WATiger quoll sitting on log

Shorebirds, Broome WA

Sea Turtles and Shorebirds, Broome WA

Bandicoot Break – a hands-on wildlife experience, VIC

Little Desert Wildlife Expedition, VIC

Little Desert Ecotour, VIC

Bandicoots in a handWe also offer tailor-made wildlife tours for small and large groups.

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