enjoying views at a lookout in the Blue Mountains

Eco Holidays giving back to nature

Make a difference as you travel

Connect with nature, explore spectacular landscapes and support the conservation of our unique wildlife, national parks and reserves.

Australia is endowed with amazing natural assets, offering an exciting diversity of landscapes and interesting wildlife – from beautiful coastal scenery and mesmerizing deserts and outback landscapes, to undulating green hills, and the alluring charm of our endless coastlines. But it’s staggering to think that 31% of Australian mammals are now extinct or threatened, and extinctions will continue in our lifetime.

To help reverse this trend we’ve taken nature-based experiences a step further, offering visitors the unique opportunity to explore our spectacular landscapes and give back to nature.

Naturewise Eco Escapes offer personalised, conservation-orientated trips. Our carefully crafted itineraries and destinations provide an exceptional way for travellers to experience a destination – by learning about the natural values of the areas visited, or getting directly involved in the conservation of its wildlife, plants and landscapes. Many of our experiences provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes access and opportunities to meet local conservation champions, researchers and environmental experts.

All-inclusive, small group eco escapes range from one day to two-week adventures led by local experts. There are a range of options to suit all fitness levels, interests and travel preferences.

Guided explorations of some of Australia’s hidden natural gems. This is your chance to stray from the beaten path and learn about native wildlife and eco-systems from trained specialists.

  •  Explore real conservation sites, national parks and conservation reserves
  •  Meet the local wildlife and see breath-taking natural beauty
  •  All profits from these tours go directly into wildlife conservation.

Rewarding, hand-on experiences. You’ll travel to places you’d never otherwise see, and take part in conservation or research activities. Your contribution will make a real difference to the success of conservation projects.

  • Contribute to real conservation outcomes
  • Hands-on conservation and research activities, typically make up 40-70% of the trip
  • Explore the local surrounds – view wildlife,  enjoy guided walks, specialist tours, educational talks and visiting National Parks.

No experience is necessary – all you need is an interest in nature, a willingness to get involved and a desire to have lots of fun and meet new people!

These programs provide the opportunity for travellers to personally experience and contribute to the protection of our beautiful, unique wildlife and natural areas. Tours are a definite “feel good” experience – and you get to see some of Australia’s most stunning scenery in the process.